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Boys Varsity Wrestling, Coed Varsity Wrestling · Williams’ Semi-State Run Comes to an End

KJ Williams

Freshman wrestler KJ Williams’ postseason run has finally come to an end. Williams defeated North Central’s Sebastien Bryant with a pin at the regionals to qualify for the semi-state tournament last Saturday at New Castle High School. He faced New Castle’s Traye Owens who had a regular season record of 29-4. Unfortunately, KJ Williams was defeated by a major decision to end his great season.

I caught up with KJ to talk about his postseason run. At regionals, he said that it was hard but it was fun. He used his speed to gain the upper hand on his first round opponent to qualify for the semi-state tournament, but he was not able to earn a high seed, as he lost his next match that day. KJ said that he wishes his friend Willie Dennison had been able to compete alongside him at regionals. Willie was another freshman who advanced to the regionals, but fell ill just before match day. “I would’ve had a bit more confidence if Willie had been there”, KJ said.

As the only Anderson wrestler to make it to the semi-state tournament, KJ had a bit of trouble. When I asked him how it went, he said, “It was terrible.” He felt outmatched by the strength of his opponent, but KJ said that his opponent “didn’t really have great moves. If he wasn’t so strong I would’ve beat him.”

Moving forward, KJ is pretty confident in what he can do. I asked him what he has learned that he will take into next season. He said, “I’m gonna be faster and quicker and learn more moves. I’m gonna stop letting people take me down.” KJ is confident in his potential and thinks that with hard work in the offseason he can return to the semi-states and even make it to the state tournament by next season.

Congratulations to KJ for an outstanding season and best of luck for next year!